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Hotel in Maratea with Finnish Sauna


The sauna is a hydrotherapy treatment that takes place in a warm dry environment with air temperatures averaging around 70–90 °C and the humidity does not exceed 20%. The sauna has very ancient origins and as the name suggests its birth is attributable to the Nordic countries. The benefits of the sauna are many, in fact we are talking about physical benefits but also in terms of health: it helps to relax and soothe aches and pains in both muscles and joints; it reduces cellulite and improves skin tone, however the benefits go beyond that: body detoxification, enhanced immune system, clean skin, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, loss of excess liquids and weight.

The duration of a treatment can last from a minimum of 8 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes.

The sauna, associated with healthy exercise, can rid the body of impurities, ease breathing and cure mild respiratory infections.



If you are going to have a treatment you should not consume alcohol, or be under the influence of drugs and you must not enter the sauna on an empty stomach, but eat something light. 

Before entering the sauna, take a warm shower, in order to facilitate the perspiration, and dry the body well.  After treatment in the sauna take a cold shower, to bring the body temperature to normal levels. 

We do not recommend the sauna: for those who suffer from anxiety, cardiovascular problems, high or low blood pressure, poor circulation in the legs, hypertension and hypotension, during pregnancy.

Children should be supervised in the Sauna. 

The treatment is available on request and for a fee. 

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Hotel Ristorante Borgo La Tana, 22
Contr. Castrocucco, Via dell'amicizia,
85046 Maratea (Pz) , Basilicata

Tel. (+39) 0973.871720-871770-871761
Cell (+39) 328.3365300
Email: latana@tiscali.it

latitude: 39.936395
longitude: 15.7643

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