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Pompeii rises on a plateau of volcanic formation, on the southern slope of Mount Vesuvius, about 30 meters above sea level and a short distance from the mouth of the river Sarno, in a picturesque location, settled in Roman times by Seneca. The lack of springs or streams on the plateau prevented its population from very early times, although during the 'VIII century. C. in the nearby valley of Sarno had formed some settlements, as evidenced by numerous graves.
The population that founded Pompeii was surely Oscan, but it is doubtful whether the name of the city derives from the greek or osco.
The fortune of the city was from the beginning linked to its location on the sea, which made the port of Campania hinterland, in competition with the Greek cities of the coast.

Visit recommended, from Maratea to Pompeii by car or train.

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