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Walking on the beach in the enchanted sunset o running across woods and mountain streets in the saddle of horse is an other experiences that Maratea offers.
Near Borgo La Tana Hotel & Restaurant there is a riding school that propose you horse walking on street, footpaths and sand (on the beach forbidden during summer) and also refreshment for people.
Thanks to territory richness and climate pleasure, riding horse is one of sport most practicable in the year. On your horse, also less experienced riders can live an emotional and unforgettable experience in a beautiful place.
At the contrary, if you prefer a wild and mountainous route, from Spring 2019 there will be active Stars Park, between Maratea and Trecchina. Here you can discovery the most inaccessible areas near Noce’s Valley.
Stars Park is in Serra Pollino Montain, at 1030 meters to high on the sea and it gives you natural and breathtakingly panoramas. Here, you can admire both Basilicata and Calabria coast, isles, still Vulcan Stromboli.



Hotel Ristorante Borgo La Tana, 22
Contr. Castrocucco, Via dell'amicizia,
85046 Maratea (Pz) , Basilicata

Tel. (+39) 0973.871720-871770-871761
Cell (+39) 328.3365300
Email: latana@tiscali.it

latitude: 39.936395
longitude: 15.7643

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