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Hotel in Maratea with turkish Bath

The origins  of the turkish bath are very ancient. In fact, we find traces of this ritual tradition among Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The turkish bath is a treatment that takes place in a closed environment where the relative humidity is very high (90 to 100%). The temperature varies from 40 to 60° degrees and increases from bottom to top.


 • It improves the blood and lymphatic circulation: the first effect of heat is, in fact, the dilation of blood vessels;

 • It promotes a deep skin cleaning. The heat causes the opening of the pores and increased sweating. The skin thus appears more bright, elastic and soft, because the intense sweating eliminates many toxins and stimulates cell renewal and perspiration. 

 • It also has a toning and relaxing effect: it helps the nervous system to fight stress and daily tension.

The session lasts 15 to 30 minutes and the treatment ends with a cold shower.

We do not recommend the treatment for those who suffer with cardiovascular problems, skin diseases and poor health conditions.


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Hotel Ristorante Borgo La Tana, 22
Contr. Castrocucco, Via dell'amicizia,
85046 Maratea (Pz) , Basilicata

Tel. (+39) 0973.871720-871770-871761
Cell (+39) 328.3365300
Email: latana@tiscali.it

latitude: 39.936395
longitude: 15.7643









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