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Founded by the Greeks around 600 BCE, it was initially called Poseidon, Poseidon, or Neptune, god of the sea, which the city had been dedicated. Between 400 and 273 later it was occupied by the Italic population of Lucan. In 273 he became a Roman colony under the name of Paestum. But there is no doubt that the foundation of the city was preceded by the installation of a commercial farm on the left bank and at the mouth of the river Silaros and malarial conditions of induced ground then the primitive settlers to move the town to the east, on a bench limestone slightly raised on the plains and on the coast, along the course of another smaller river (or Capofiume Salty River). From the plant primitive Silaros developed on the sea and river ports of the city and it was built at the Temple of Hera of Argos, which soon became one of the greatest and most revered shrines of ancient Italy: about 50 stages separated the city from the Heraion and the his emporium on the big fiume.La end of the Roman Empire coincided with the end of the city. Around 500 CE, in fact, following an outbreak of malaria, aggravated dall'insalubrità of the territory, the inhabitants gradually abandoned the city. The rediscovery of Paestum dates back to 1762, when it was built modern road that runs through the still.

Visit recommended, from Maratea to Paestum by car or train.

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