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Certosa di Padula or di San Lorenzo is a monastery of Carthusian monks, located in Padula, province of Salerno in Campania. Made with great pomp, the Certosa di Padula, it is one of the most luxurious facilities, and the largest in Europe.


1- cloister of the guesthouse; 2-church of San Lorenzo; 3-cloister of the prosecutors; 4-cloister of the old cemetery; 5-cell of the Prior; 6-garden of the Prior; 7-cell with the garden; 8-elliptical staircase; 9-kitchen; 10-refectory; 11-sacristy

The Construction work began in 1306 at the behest of Tommaso II Sanseverino. When the Sanseverino rule fell, there were many modifications to the complex. After the entrance of Carthusian monastery, we come across a frescoed hall, and you'll go directly to the guest quarters, then leading ourselves to the Church of San Lorenzo. The San Lorenzo nave has a vaulted structure with Gothic arches filled with frescoes painted by Michele Ragolia. In the large Cloister, we find the new cemetery. In fact, the ancient cemetery is located in a secluded place specifically for the Carthusians. Inside the Charterhouse we will find a special kitchen due to its wide hood. Near the Cloister, there is a monumental staircase, a true masterpiece of the architect Gaetano Barba.

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