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Maratea’s coastline, with its 32 kilometres (20 miles) of rocky shoreline, and more than twenty beaches, is one of the most beautiful coastal scenery of the Mediterranean.
Thanks to partnerships with experts of the area, Hotel Borgo La Tana, offers you the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent landscape with boat trips, along Maratea’s coastline or the Gulf of Policastro.
Some of the trips:
Trip to Island of Dino with its caves (Grotto Azzurra and the Grotta del Leone);
Trip to Arcomagno San Nicola Arcella;
Tour of the Gulf of Policastro from Cape Scalea to Punta Infreschi
Boat excursions to seaside caves and the Isle of Dino are popular during the summer season, which--depending on weather and the number of visitors--can run from mid-April through October.
From Maratea, it's a short drive to Rivello, a dramatically situated hill town of 3,500 inhabitants that is virtually unknown to English-speaking travelers. Lagonegro, near the Autostrada exit for Maratea, is also worth visiting. It's said to be the burial place of the Mona Lisa in Leonardo da Vinci's painting.
The Certosa di San Lorenzo, also known as the Certosa di Padula, is a former Carthusian charterhouse about an hour from Maratea in the city of Padula (see photo above). The 700-year-old monastery has been a national monument since 1882.
Pollino National Park and Cilento e Vallo di Diano National Park are also within commuting distance of Maratea. (Gorp.com lists Pollino National Park as one of "Italy's 20 best adventures.")
Maratea is called the town with 44 churches for the number of its churches and chapels.
The statue of Christ the Redeemer, or the Christ of Maratea, was built of pure Carrara marble in 1965 by Bruno Innocenti, a sculptor from Florence. It is located on the top of Monte San Biagio, right in front of the basilica.


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