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The Pollino National Park, which straddles between Calabria and Basilicata, was established in 1993 and is the largest protected area in Italy. The Park includes a number of provinces of Basilicata such as Maratea and Matera and many cites of Calabria such as Praia a Mare and Verbicaro. There are many types of trees in the park such as the silver fir, the famous and rare Bosnian pine, black pine etc. As for the wildlife, we can find the golden eagle, the eagle owl, the Apennine wolf, otter and many others. The park is part of the southern Apennines and its peaks, snow-covered for most of the year, reach almost 2,200 meters.

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Hotel Ristorante Borgo La Tana, 22
Contr. Castrocucco, Via dell'amicizia,
85046 Maratea (Pz) , Basilicata

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